About Frances Flannery

Frances Flannery grew up in County Meath in Ireland near the legendary Hill of Tara.
Her literary works serve as heartfelt human stories based on real world situations in which there is always to be found a kernel of magic.
Holding the coveted M.Phil from The Oscar Wilde Centre at Trinity College Dublin, her debut novel, “Writing Man,” blends European history with cinematic magic, inviting readers into realms where fantasy and reality intertwine. Along with several internationally recognised wellness qualifications, she holds a first class honours post graduate degree from The National College of Ireland.

Beyond books, Frances brings her essence of tranquillity and healing into the material realm through her work as a natural wellness practitioner, guiding others on their own unique paths of self-discovery, and personal improvement. She is passionate about promoting reading as a wellness modality, and about making gut health and awareness part of every bodies structured self care plan.

Immerse yourself in Frances’s debut novel Writing Man and escape to a cinematic storyland of beautifully crafted, exceptional prose where Second World War time European history is blended with a touch of fictional alchemy in a literary genre best described as believably fantasy, or magical realism.